2nd Ulsan short Film Festival

제2회 울산단편영화제


동구 일산해수욕장 야외특설무대

Submission Rules & Requirements

Submission Rules & Requirements

  • Dates & Deadlines
  • June 3, 2019 - Film/Video Submissions Open.
  • June 30. 2019 18:00 - Deadline.
  • August 2 - 3, 2019 - Event date.
  • * You should submit online entry form and video before the deadline.
  • Entry Qualifications
  • A) No limit on gender or age.
  • B) Director should be a Korean.
  • C) If the director is not Korean, you can submit your video/film when whole video is filmed in South Korea, We will verify the director's visa, passport, or flight ticket.
  • D) If the director is not Korean and the film does not taken in South Korea, you can submit your film/video when more than two of staffs are South Korean.
  • Requirements
  • A) Candidates can choose their own topic freely.
  • B) The project must have a runtime of less than 20 minutes including ending credit.
  • C) Rights: The Festival does not check the copyright of submitted films. It is the applicant's responsibility to check the copyright of used materials (i.e. background music, video clip) and treat the problems related to copyright.
  • D) Submitted films/videos can be introduced in the abroad film festival or council. Extra screening fee would not be given when the submitted materials are used for the non-commercial purpose.
  • E) Genre: The form of Short film, Animation, and Documentary are allowed. Your film/video must have been completed after May, 2016.
  • Submission of film and video
  • You should submit your film/video and online entry form on www.uisff.com until June 30, 18:00. Entry fee is free.
  • A) Online Entry Form
  • - Fill out the information carefully after verification process via the website.
  • - Check the genre of the submission material carefully.
  • - you SHOULD write whether the submitted material has been shown in the other film festival or awarded.
  • - Change of the submitted entry form is not allowed.
  • B) Film/Video
  • - The file should be submitted to each genre's account.
  • - The file cannot exceed 2GB
  • - Film file should have the format of 1920*1080, mp4, and H.264.
  • - File name and the mail title should include film title, your name, and run time. Ex) 'Entry title_your name_run time'
  • - Korean subtitle is needed for the non-Korean script.
  • - The final version for festival should be same as the submitted one.
  • C) Submission of Final Entries
  • - All entries should have the form of HDCAM. After the notification of final entries, if participants cannot submit their video on HDCAM, they should consult with technical team.
  • - All final entries should submit HDCAM additionally when the video/film is shown on IPTV or other media.
  • * Should submit two screenplay
  • * This can be changed, so USFF would specify about this later.
  • - The participants should pay for delivery fee, and return delivery fee would be paid by USFF.
  • - The participants should deliver the final entries until July 20, 2019.
  • - All entries would return to the address that participants wrote on the online entry form within the four weeks of closing.
  • - The participants should submit final entries to person in charge of USFF.
  • D) General Rules of Submission
  • - The applicants of the festival will be considered to have understood and agreed to the rules and regulations of the festival.
  • - Any issues not included in the submission rules will be decided by the festival organizer.
  • - The applicants should fill out the online entry form honestly, and the selection can be cancelled if not.
  • Judging Criteria
  • - Judges would be the representatives of the festival or movie directors.
  • - The committee of judges is composed of 10 judges including chairman.
  • - There would be 50 members of Ulsan citizen judges.
  • - We would individually notify the result to participants, and the final list would be uploaded on the USFF website in July.
  • Questions
  • USFF Officials E-Mail: uisff2019@naver.com